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Bulbasaur Type Grass / Poison
Ivysaur Type Grass / Poison
Venusaur Type Grass / Poison
Charmander Type Fire / Fire
Charmeleon Type Fire / Fire
Charizard Type Fire / Flying
Squirtle Type Water / Water
Wartortle Type Water / Water
Blastoise Type Water / Water
Caterpie Type Bug / Bug
Metapod Type Bug / Bug
Butterfree Type Bug / Flying
Weedle Type Bug / Poison
Kakuna Type Bug / Poison
Beedrill Type Bug / Poison
Pidgey Type Normal / Flying
Pidgeotto Type Normal / Flying
Pidgeot Type Normal / Flying
Rattata Type Normal / Normal
Raticate Type Normal / Normal
Spearow Type Normal / Flying
Fearow Type Normal / Flying
Ekans Type Poison / Poison
Arbok Type Poison / Poison
Pikachu Type Electric / Electric
Raichu Type Electric / Electric
Sandshrew Type Ground / Ground
Sandslash Type Ground / Ground
Nidoran (F) Type Poison / Poison
Nidorina Type Poison / Poison

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