PokemonLake is an online Pokemon game created to give the opportunity to Pokemon fans all around the world to play Pokemon right from their browser.
It is absolutely safe to play and needs no downloads whatsoever!

A little bit of information: This game was started in July 2008. Soon enough, it started to grow and become popular with people all over the world.
It now has a lot of registered users and gets numerous logins each day, which means there will always be someone you can battle and trade with.

Special thanks to motb777, Crystal-Vampire, Perpared,Diabolikul Logiepoges plazmavirus akatsuki152 and other users (message me if I forgot you!) for sprites and images.
Also thanks to zerudez for gen 6 sprites!
Also give a hand to all our contributors in the forums! This site is not affiliated with Nintendo or any similar organisation.